Your guide to finding the right badge for your staff   

Having been producing all manner of name badges for schools, retailers, hotels and more for over the past 35 years, we have seen it all. The thing we often notice however, is that our customers are not always fully aware of the range of options that are actually available.

You may be thinking, all I need is some name badges, how complicated could that be? Well we keep our process as simple as possible, however if you are doing some of your own homework before getting in touch, here are some things you may want to consider…

The Backing

Most of our name badges come with either a magnet backing, a simple pin backing or a Uniclip backing. Magnet backings are great if you have uniforms or wear outfits that you would rather not stick a pin through (over time this can  damage the material). The remaining two options are a simple pin backing, or a Uniclip for attaching badges to pockets.

The Coating:

Most of our non-reusable name badges can be coated with a clear resin dome coating or simply a gloss finish. This adds a professional look to your badges and of course will ensure that  your design will last for a much longer period of time!

Reusable or Permanent?

You may want to consider reusable name badges. These are simple to put together, and you can print out whatever label you would like to use – very helpful if you have a high staff turnover. You can either print out the inserts yourself or we can do these for you.

Another option we do have is the reusable window badges. Click here for more.

Permanent name badges? Here’s what you need to know…

We  print your logo and name onto one of our range of backing options, then either give it a resin coat or gloss finish (if required). 

We have two more options if what you are looking for is much simpler – framed badges (brushed metal finish in a simple frame). Click here and scroll down to view these.

reusable name badges? Here’s what you need to know…

The reusable name badges come in 3 parts. 

  • The badge plate
  • The badge lens cover
  • The name badge fastener

The badge plates come in white, silver and gold. Once you place your printed insert (We can print these for you as well) over the badge plate, simply clip the lens cover over the top. Our domed name tag lens covers add the final touch to your name badges, giving them a polished, professional look and feel! Click here for more about our reusable name badges.