Employee Badges

People who trusted us, have the relevance of creating their badges for their official purposes from us. The official badges are something which can be proved to be a plus point in your appearance, which makes you look more attractive. While having a meeting or giving any official thought to any person we introduced ourselves with our name and designation. Employee Badge act as the positive point where your name and designation can be read out. Also, it makes out an attractiveness thought in the respective person’s mind. The badges which are supplied by us made up of different materials which can be used for a long time. Nowadays the corporate world is changing its style, attitude, and transforming as the largest sector all-round the world. These employee badges are used by the people act as a positive message with his/her attire.



Prices for Name Badges


Name Badge
1 – 5
6 – 10
10 +
No Logo
$12.00 each
$10.00 each
$9.00 each

Name Badge with Logo Digitally Printed 
Multi coloured logo (resin coated)
$30.00 set-up plus $11.50 per badge 

RESIN COATED Please Add $2.50 each 

MAGNETS Please Add $2.50 

No minimum order

All prices exclude GST

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However, thank you for calling last night.. I didn’t realise I gave you more money hehe. Really appreciate you being the humble and honest man you are, Its not easy preparing for a funeral or any occasion as well as working around a budget. Thank you again. 

I would also like to thank you and your team for the awesome work you did with the badges! My family and especially myself love it!! You guys are awesome.

“As you may or may not know our WSB gives out badges for walks achieved. 25, 50, 75, 100,150, 200 up to 350. After much trawling via the internet and ringing around. Fleur and I are working with the crowd at “The Badge King”. I can’t speak highly enough of the team Alastair and Heather they were easy, fast and efficient . Most of all really wanted to work with us therefore creating a solution to our problems…cost!!

Should another school look at doing the same incentive these are the people I would make as a first contact. It’s always worth knowing about people that are a delight to work with :)”

Tania Couper


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